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Watson's Driving Academy
Frequently Asked Questions



What is the minimum age for a Leaner’s Permit?

Fifteen (15) years of age


When does a Learner’s Permit expire?

One (1) year from issue date


Who has to take driver education course?

A driver education course is required for those students under the age of seventeen (17) who have a beginner’s permit and are interested in obtaining a restricted driver’s license, which will allow students to drive alone during daylight hours.

What is the minimum age for a Driver’s License?

Fifteen (15) years old for daytime restricted license, having held the Learner’s Permit for at least 180 days, certification that student has had a minimum of 40 hours of driving practice, (including 10 hours during darkness) supervised by a parent or legal guardian, and certification from Watson’s Driving Academy that successfully completed a driver’s education course.


Do beginners need a Learner’s Permit to practice behind the wheel training ?

Not with our state certified instructors.


Is a Learner’s Permit required for behind the wheel training?



Who must be in the front seat beside a driver with a Learner’s Permit?

Licensed driver at least 21 years old with at least 1 year driving experience from 6 am to midnight, after midnight, must be a licensed parent or guardian.


How much is the driver’s education course?

My teen/new driver education course consisting of eight (8) hours of classroom instruction time, six (6) of professional behind the wheel training, and Third Party Class D Driver’s License Road testing to student is a total price of $350.00.  Lunch and refreshments will be served during the 8 hours classroom instruction time. Also, all required documents required at the DMV and certification of successfully completing a driver’s education course for insurance discount.

If over 17 years of age and wanting behind the wheel training only and Third Party Class D Driver’s License Road Testing to student is based on the amount of behind the wheel driving time is needed.


Are there any other fees?

No, there are no hidden fees required by Watson’s Driving Academy. 

Once completions of Driver’s Education Course and Road Skills Testing, upon arriving at the DMV a fee of $12.50 is required for applicant’s under the age of seventeen (17) and $25.00 for applicant’s over seventeen (17).


What information is covered in your driver education course?

The Driver’s Education Course consist of eight (8) hours of classroom time, six (6) hours behind the wheel training, and Third Party Class D Driver’s License Road testing. Watson’s Driving Academy provides an educational atmosphere and a professional opportunity for learning which will enhance the beginning driver’s knowledge both in the classroom and behind the wheel to become safe and responsible drivers.


How long does your course last?

The time it takes to complete our program depends largely on the student’s availability and readiness.


What if I feel that I’m not ready for the road test after taking your course?

If you’ve paid attention and practiced what we’ve taught you, you should have no problems when taking road skills test.  If student or parents request additional behind the wheel training it will be given in addition to the original fee.


Is the course done all in one day?

No. Eight (8) hour classroom time will be held a minimum of one time per month usually on a Saturday.  The six (6) hours of behind the wheel training is scheduled depending on the student strengths and weakness.  The behind the wheel training is scheduled either for three two (2) hour training sessions or two three (3) hour training sessions and will be scheduled around your schedule.


Where are the classes held?

Watson’s Driving Academy classes are held at the City of Dillon Wellness Center, located at 1637 Commerce Drive, Dillon, SC  29536.


For driving lessons, how many people are in the vehicle at a time?

For driving lessons, we don’t allow ride-along.  Only one student and one instructor will be in the vehicle at a time.  We feel that this lessens possible distractions for the students, and allows them to concentrate on the task at hand.


How do I get an insurance discount?

An insurance discount certificate is awarded to students after successful completion of my eight (8) hour classroom and six (6) hours behind the wheel training.


How much will an insurance discount save me per year?

The insurance discount certificate could potentially save you hundreds of dollars per year, dependent on your age and which insurance company you are insured through.  Watson’s Driving Academy cannot guarantee an amount of money that you will save.  Questions regarding discounts and savings should be directed to your insurance company.


What age groups do you teach?

Any age but primarily teach students between the ages of fifteen (15) and sixteen (16).


Do you teach adult?



What certifications do you give to prove that students took your driver education course?

I offer students a PDLA form for Department of Motor Vehicle use, and an insurance discount certificate for insurance company use.  Both certifications prove that the student did complete my driver’s education course.


Do you guarantee that a driver’s license will be secured?

No driving school can guarantee that a driver’s license will be secured. Whether a driver’s license is secured depends completely on the student and the time the student took to practice the maneuvers that he/she was taught.

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