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Driving Course

The six (6) hours of behind the wheel training is scheduled depending on the student strengths and weakness.  The behind the wheel training is scheduled either for three two (2) hour training sessions or two three (3) hour training sessions.




The student will be able to:


(1)    Be familiar with the operation of the motor vehicle
(2)    Understand a general knowledge of traffic laws governing the safe movement of motor vehicles
(3)    Identify poor decisions / choices in the operation of motor vehicles
(4)    Identify driver problems (crash, violations, and unsafe driving practices)
(5)    Adequately discuss the role of a driver on the highways
(6)    Demonstrate a level of proficiency with parallel parking, stop / start on grade, straight line backing, and three point turnabout.  
(7)    Demonstrate a level of proficiency behind the wheel in preparation for the road skills test.



Safe skills are developed during PRACTICE sessions under parent supervision and the instructor’s supervision.  SC State Law requires the parent or legal guardian to provide a minimum of 40 hours of driving practice, (including 10 hours during darkness) in addition to the eight (8) hours of classroom and six (6) hours behind the wheel with the driving instructor.  Please provide some time between sessions for your child to practice the skills taught.


Additional training may be recommended for the student if needed.  This will be in addition to the original fee.

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